Once again, misguided plans by the Council for Silver Hill are threatening the city’s historic character and risk squandering its future.  We cannot let that happen.  Winchester deserves better.

  •  The plans are incoherent and uninspired and do not accord with the 2018 Supplementary Planning Document (“SPD”)
  • The Council intends to contract with a single developer instead of “multiple developers” as the SPD requires
  • The Council will lose control over how the site is developed and it is setting up a re-run of the previous debacle
  • The Council has decided to retain King’s Walk, a ‘palace of ugliness’, for decades to come
  • The Council has not resolved critical issues including transport, the site’s waterways, the Anglo-Saxon museum and the public realm
  • The Council is, we believe, manipulating the public consultation process and rushing it through over ‘lockdown’ and Christmas
  • The Council is putting the site’s priceless archaeology at risk, with only a limited investigation and by proposing to rely on the developer for its protection

 Silver Hill presents a unique opportunity.  We need a proposal which protects the city’s heritage and the site’s archaeology, as well as securing the city’s cultural, social and economic future. Given the decline of high streets across the country, and difficult economic conditions for years to come, the Council urgently needs to find a coherent and inspired approach to this exceptional site.

We need your help to stop this Council getting it all wrong yet again.

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