Consultation Process

Did you attend an online consultation session about the Central Winchester Regeneration project?

If not, you can read our transcript of the session held on 30 November 2020. We attended a session and taking it at face value, it sounds like an exciting and inspiring plan for our city centre.  The objectives seem sound, the coloured circles showing mixed-use spaces is appealing and the Council’s ownership of the land appears to make sense.  However, let’s have a look at a few sections of the consultation session in detail.  What do YOU think?  

After reading the points below, please complete the Council’s questionnaire here.

1. The big picture 

  • “So the coloured circles that you see here, they’re not necessarily specifically in the places that they will be on the end result …”
  • “There isn’t the level of detailed design and precision around buildings yet but that comes later …”

 Are you clear about the exact plan when the details appear vague and open ended?  

You can find the picture showing the different coloured circles here.

2. King’s Walk

  • “… although we’re talking about keeping Kings Walk, it’s not necessarily going to be kept forever and ever.”
  • “The fact that the feasibility study talked about 10 years is not a commitment to that length of time.”
  • “… we are anticipating using the existing buildings in the interim period.”

Do you want these buildings to remain part of Winchester for the next 10 years?

3. Consultation Process

  • “But we want to try and get some of this work done sooner rather than later”
  • “… I think there’s quite a lot of impatience which I know Cabinet and the team share trying to get something happening on this site, we’ve been waiting a long time.”

Do you think 2 months is enough time for the public to provide feedback?

4. Movement Strategy

  • “… help us understand from the Movement Strategy what the changes to the road network might be.”
  • “… allow for the emerging outcomes of the Movement Strategy …”

 Is it best to wait for the results of the Movement Strategy first? 

5. The SPD

  • … [the SPD] set the planning policy and the planning guidance for central Winchester.”
  • “… where we could position central Winchester within the guidelines of the SPD”
  • “So how can we do that whilst maintaining the aspirations and objectives of the SPD?”

Do you feel confident that the SPD is being faithfully followed by the WCC?