Help Us


  • Winchester Deserves Better wants the City Council to reject the proposals set out in Cabinet paper CAB3271 – it can be viewed here at: PROPOSAL
  • We want the Council to appreciate the exceptional opportunity that the site presents to generate cultural, social and economic benefits throughout the city
  • We want the Council to retain control of the site and to rethink how it should fulfil its responsibilities to the city.  Alternatively, we want the Council to delegate that responsibility not to a developer, but to a Community Development Corporation/Trust.
  • We want the Council to act with transparency; to engage honestly with the public; and to start learning the lessons of all its mistakes in the past

It is the councillors who make decisions, and it they who most need to hear from you.

Please write to your ward councillors, and/or all councillors, to express your thoughts. You can find their contact details HERE

Twitter and letters to the Chronicle always help and please let our MP know too.  WDB is an apolitical group but all parties need to know that the Council is again, very frustratingly, following the wrong path.

Please also register your support on this website here and via Facebook and please encourage others to do the same.

More information will follow, but anything you can do now would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you.